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Outdoor Living with Ease & Style

Outdoor living is the strongest trend in homes nationally and there is no sign of declining interest. Michigan winters are pretty rough, not so much from the cold, but all the gloomy, gray days.

Summer is here so let’s get outside in the day & the night, but realize, limited time only. Cold gray skies are returning in October… so let’s get busy - enjoying our own backyard.

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Outdoor WiFi
  • Outdoor Televisions
  • Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor lighting is a very desirable asset for your home. There are several categories of outdoor lighting, including ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and safety & security lighting. We also feature outdoor lighting with built-in speakers to simplify and reduce costs of purchase and installation.

By using modern lighting components and leveraging the capabilities of the Control4 or Savant smartphone apps, you or your family can manage a well-designed outdoor lighting system that enhances your property, and most of all, simply easily from your fingertips, while in the backyard chair or hammock.

Outdoor lighting creates the opportunity for you, your family & friends to spend less time staying indoors - and more time - enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor speakers are acoustically engineered to deliver a broad, expansive soundstage with tight, deep bass, so no matter where you are – they sound great! Episode speakers have models that function as both lights and speakers in one neat and tidy installation.

Although installation is often more involved than indoor speakers, we can provide a plan that considers all aspects of an outdoor installation delivering smooth, even dispersion across the backyard without sound "hotspots." The result is a smooth and consistent presentation of music no matter where you sit.

We offer different brands and styles of outdoor speakers for different locations around your home, wall mount, ground installation or bollard design, or even speakers that look like rocks, they all provide great sound, season after season.

From Bernstein to Springsteen, music is a treasure that we can share with everyone at the table, by the fire, or just keep it to ourselves while in the hammock. It's your time, it's summertime!

New robust WiFi networks provide the speed and range you need for you and your guests while you're outdoors. Extending the WiFi network to outside your home will help you stay connected while you and your guests are outdoors - anywhere.

Stream your favorite music to your favorite wireless speakers, or get outside and get some office work done.

Outdoor WiFi allows everyone to enjoy being alive and thrive anywhere on your property.

We have installed many brands of outdoor televisions over the years and have gained significant experience in installing outdoor televisions. We sell Sunbrite TV's for all the right reasons. SunBriteTV builds the only outdoor TVs that are specifically built for the outdoor environment, not an indoor TV modified to work outdoors. Made in the USA, these true all-weather, outdoor TV's resist the harsh effects of rain, insects, dirt, extreme temperatures and UV rays, all while delivering superior brightness, contrast and reliability.

Whether you choose Sunbrite or the Samsung Terrace line of outdoor TV's, you will be impressed by the picture performance.

Just relax, sit back and enjoy the game, the show or the movie. It's your time, it's summertime.

Outdoor entertaining isn't about gadgets and gizmo's, it's about making technology our quiet servant.

Technology brings the outdoor experience together with lighting and music, couple it with a Control4 Smartphone app and even the most technically challenged are in full control. Add the outdoor WiFi and you have a vast library of streaming music and internet for you and your guests to stay connected and stay longer.

Summer dinners with family & friends and food makes for memorable days and nights. The older we get, the more we realize just how important it is to make our family & friends get together and stay while.

Outdoor entertaining is at its heart, spending time with those that matter most.

Ready to get out outside on Lake Michigan?

Here are some examples of our marine installations.

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