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Smart Home

A Smart Home brings automation and security together for a simple, unified solution.

Smart Home

Smart Home merges Automation and Security into a single, easy to use application.

The value of the Smart Home is that it brings all your important controls: lighting, entertainment, data, media, climate and security - and manages them as a cohesive whole, rather than individual fragments.

"Smart Home merges automation and security into a single application. Simple ~ Good!"

Smart Home

A Smart Home brings simplicity and a powerful control program that enables everyone in the home to be in control.

Five Reasons for a Smart Home
A Smart Home brings a new level of control and simplicity to your busy and hectic life.
Smart Home...

  • Makes your home accessible through real time video from anywhere in the world
  • Saves you precious time by performing dozens of tasks - automatically
  • Schedules lights automatically for you to leave and when you arrive
  • Accomplish in two seconds versus seven minutes of walking through the home closing this and turning that off
  • Keeps you informed in real time of what is occurring in your home

Smart Home integrates all of your home with one application. Just by closing the garage door... You turn the entire home to “away” mode, which turns off specific lights, ensures oven and specified appliances are off, locks every door in the house, checks that every window is closed, closes selected drapes and blinds, schedules water sprinklers, schedules sidewalk lights to come on at sundown, schedules specific interior lights to turn on and off - making it appear that someone is home and finally, arms the security system.

All of these actions were implemented and all you did was push two buttons from your smart phone.

Smart Home will grow by 300% in the next two years due to lower costs and ease of implementation in the home. And for one other reason: people love it! Simple ~ Good!


Push notifications tell you what's occurring in your home - in real time with an email to your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Integration of tasks and ease of operation are just a part of the home automation offer. So in a word - simplicity. But simplicity and resulting convenience, while so welcome in an increasingly, often ridiculously complex world is just half of the brilliance of home automation.

The real breakthrough for Home Automation is real time - communication. Communications are dynamic and delivered in real time from your home to you. This communication of your home’s minute-by-minute status are called “push notifications.” Push notifications are the information that your home shares with you. That information can be as low a priority as a window left open or as high as a break-in. Whatever you specify as a notification will be communicated to you - through an alert - when it occurs in your home or business. Consider these scenarios and receiving a push notification:

  • Daughter, Rachel, arrived home at 7:18 PM
  • Son, Nathan, arrived home at 2:42 AM
  • Cleaning staff- cleans on Tuesday is in home on Friday 10:53 AM
  • Above normal - water use in home at 3:21 PM
  • Above normal - moisture level in home at 3:37 PM

The Smart Home gives you peace of mind by relieving you of wondering and worrying. You can relax with the confidence that you may not be at home, but you’re not out of reach.

OVERVIEW - an introduction to the Smart Home

The Smart Home can do many things for you, your home and your family. This video is an introduction to the Smart Home.

RESIDENTIAL - Home control from your Smartphone or tablet.

In one minute - this video shows the scope of your control within the home from your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

RESIDENTIAL - Home Automation - A Powerful Solution.

Home Automation is often perceived for making things convenient. Yes that's true, but that's overlooking its core strengths of security, safety and efficiency. Everyone in the home can benefit from a very powerful tool - automation.

Smart Home - a family perspective

This video shows how the entire family benefits from a Smart Home solution.

RESIDENTIAL - Home Lighting - A Brilliant Solution.

Savant Home Automation and GE are committed to expanding our thinking, our innovation, and capabilities. This is our moment to make an impact. Brighter and stronger together.

RESIDENTIAL - Home Lighting - TrueImage.

Savant TrueImage is an app that works in tandem with Savant Lighting to put real-time color control at your fingertips via your mobile device. Setup is simple… Execution is simpler .

COMMERCIAL - Improving Resale Values.

Smart home technology is more than bells and whistles. It offers the homeowner the ability to leverage all the homes capabilities and organize them so they can be accessed easily from a wall panel or Smartphone. Today's new home owner is recognizing the value of home automation.

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